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My Services

Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum can be very overwhelming, as a Doula I have the tools to help you each step of the way.

Inner Strength Birth Doula Services include:

Prenatal Support

Resources- Which books to read? Which classes to take? I provide a welcome resource document that gives you a wealth of resources in the Bay Area to help you better prepare for the birth you desire.


Three Prenatal Appointments- One Zoom, two in your home.

  • First Prenatal- Zoom meeting to discuss pregnancy health and plans. Helping you to begin to explore your options and helping to set you up for a more successful birth.

  • Second prenatal- we will discuss your birth preferences and complete a birth preferences checklist that goes over many of the potential choices and decisions you could encounter during birth. 

  • Third prenatal- we will learn and practice comfort measures, teaching your partner how to best support you during your birth, enabling you both to have a better birth experience.

Unlimited phone/text/email support- Pregnancy and Birth is a very new experience. I am available to provide support, guidance, and answer questions throughout your pregnancy.​​



24/7 On Call Support- 2 weeks before Estimated Due Date until the birth of your baby. When it is your birth time I do not go out of town or do anything that would make me unavailable when you need me. I patiently wait for your baby to decide when it is time.

Active Labor Support- Starting at your home or the hospital. I then transfer with you to the hospital, providing hands on support until 1-2 hours after the birth.

Photographs- of your birth experience if desired. When I am not needed in other ways, I’m happy to take photos or videos before, during, and/or after the birth.

Birthing Support

Postpartum Support

1 Postpartum Follow up- appointment which includes

  • Breastfeeding support 

  • Postpartum Referrals 

  • Opportunity to discuss your birth or any questions you may have.


Unlimited phone/text/email support- Up until 6 weeks post birth. There is so much to navigate post birth as well and I am here to help you transition into parenthood.

Investment: $2650 (Sliding scale offered if needed)

(Includes Prenatal, Birth and Postpartum Support)​

* Accepted Forms of Payment- Cash, Check, HSA/FSA Card

*I meet all requirements for Carrot Fertility services

* Payment plans offered

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